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Soldier, Are You Going To LEVERAGE AI, 

With over 18 of the BEST AI COURSES, (and more added every month) we show you how to start your own business (or grow your EXISTING business) using AI. (artificial intelligence)

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We show you how to make passive income using AI,
high hourly income using AI
and even high-ticket sales of between $5,000 and $20,000, all using AI!

The training inside the AI Army membership takes tried and proven online marketing strategies and shows you how to use AI to:

* Make money faster
* Make money better
* Make MORE money
* Build passive income
* And so much more…

Meet The AI Army Generals:

The AI Army is brought to you by these two Generals:

General Dave and General James have seen battle many times on the World Wide Web 
and have been in the real-world trenches of online marketing for a combined 40 years.

Their experience is invaluable to you, the new AI Army rookie recruit, as you navigate the uncharted jungles of the entrepreneurial journey.

These two Generals have seen it all and done it all
when it comes to making money online,
and their experience will give you the strength, courage & conviction
you need to fight your online marketing battles - and WIN.

You couldn’t find better leadership 
to guide you through the economic storms than these two.

We Know This Battle Ain't Easy!

We understand that you may have tried different ways to make money online in the past, but pay close attention here, soldier…

When you’re in a battle, you want the best weapons for the battle at hand.

When you join the AI Army, you’ll get the absolute BEST WEAPONS, the best resources 
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We are your intel-gathering source, your armory, and your strategy partners, 
all in one, so that YOU can make it happen for you and your family.

There’s an old saying “War Is Hell” and it is, 
especially when you are NOT equipped to fight the battles that come at you.

We know that you may have tried to win battles in the past.

We know that this making money game is not easy for a beginner.

We know that you may be losing hope when it comes to building a better future.

But the reason those things may not have worked for you before 
is that they took a LOT of time to implement.

They took a lot of LEARNING or technical know-how.

They were too complicated to quickly build the skills and EXECUTE THE PLAN.

But when you join the AI Army,
we've made it SUPER SIMPLE for you to WIN...

Not only do we have some of the best INTEL and TRAINING 
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showing you what’s working for us and being there, side by side 

Ultimately, we are fighting for our future, our families and our loved ones, right?

And now that you’re in the AI Army, you’ll have us as foxhole buddies, 
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THIS is the year you break out and go full BANZAI on your goals and dreams.

THIS is the year you discover and execute the strategies that WORK.

THIS is the year you make it happen for you and your family.

THIS is the year you rise to the levels you’ve always wanted to.

THIS is the year WE FIGHT TOGETHER to battle it out - and WIN.

There is no time like the present...
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But we believe, once you see all that is laid out before you, 
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Leadership Begins With Experience…

As your two Generals, we’ve fought many battles in the digital marketing world.

We've won a lot and lost a lot.

But we've each generated millions of dollars through online marketing, and, more importantly, we FOLLOW and KNOW every way there is to make money online…

And, when AI came along, we discovered that 
AI could make ALL THESE PROVEN METHODS work even better!

In fact, it SUPERCHARGED the existing, proven ways to make money online to such a degree, that we HAD to start a YouTube channel all about this!

Today, by leveraging the power of the Internet COMBINED with AI, you can:

Make Money Easier
Make Money Faster
Make Money Better
Make Money In A More Automated Way
Make A Lot More, In A Lot Less Time

And General James and Dave are not just good, 
not just great, 
they are MASTERS at understanding and teaching 
how you can make money better, faster and easier using the power of AI.

Over a combined 40 years of experience, 
they’ve been prepared for such a time as this 
and they will be your leaders to guide you through the battles and to ensure you WIN.

those who not only want to be all they can be,
but want to DO all they can DO to make things happen.

If you are an action-oriented soldier who just needs to know the steps to success, 
then THIS is the army for you.

Here's What You Get, When You Join The AI ARMY today:

  • Our massive catalog of 18 "Making Money With AI" courses that are MADE FOR YOU, the battle-tested entrepreneur
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  • ​NEW training added to the member’s area every month,
  • ​Exclusive "as they happen" videos from James and Dave on the hottest strategies for your business every month,
  • ​Our monthly AI "Intel Report" newsletter, and...
  • ​The LATEST AI STRATEGIES, as soon as we discover them and create courses about them!


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